Inspire - Expose - Transform

Jamar uses his own personal experiences to motivate & connect with audiences on a variety of platforms. He INSPIRES aspiring entrepreneurs to transition into becoming full time business owners. His message EXPOSES his audience to the reality of the power they have to transition from surviving to thriving. Lastly, he motivates individuals with challenged backgrounds, on how they can TRANSFORM their skill sets into business ownership opportunities.


Keynote Speaker

"Hustle While You Work" is just one of the principles that will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and begging for more. Jamar Washington is a thought-provoking business practitioner who's not afraid to call it how he sees it. Jamar is rooted in the notion of doing business on your own level and betting on one’s own strengths to ensure a path to both success and happiness. Book Jamar for your next event HERE.


6 Week Entrepreneurship Class

This class is an extended version of the workshop. J Haleem uses the 5 principles of I Won't Starve workshop and trains participants how to use them to start their business and run it successfully. Subject matter experts will join the class to teach about finance, marketing, social media, business start up resources & more.


Small Business Coaching & Consulting

Increase accountability, clarity and focus....

Small business coaching helps you grow your business through professional and personal development, which promotes continuous growth and strength.

Small business consulting provides advice and brainstorming to create and implement strong business and marketing plans.

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I Won’t Starve Entrepreneur Development Workshop

The focus the workshop is to empower individuals to step out on faith, focus on using their skills and talents to advice in a career & start a business. J Haleem shares his own personal testimony how he worked an $8.00 per hour job and now running an thriving 6 figure business. The training will include the 5 fundamental principles he used to starting and maintaining his successful business.